About Bawbee – A Local Canadian Brand Focusing on Quality

BAWBEE is an online clothing  boutique created in 2019—a new local Canadian brand. Our goal was to design simple, yet trendy, pieces that allowed women to feel confident and unique and be proud of their individuality. We put a lot of time and consideration into our collections, and only release limited-piece collections each season.

Each collection contains pieces in every category: tops, jackets, shorts, skirts, dresses, pants, etc., and embodies the current trends while still remaining simple and easy to incorporate into your current wardrobe.

Beyond just looking at styles and trends, we wanted to put our focus on quality. As avid online shoppers ourselves, we noticed the lack of affordable but high-quality pieces in the e-commerce space. Unlike the typical fast-fashion brands that mass produce hundreds of pieces every single day, we wanted to make sure that every piece in our limited collections were of the best quality, while still remaining affordable.

Our team is currently working on expansion into the international market. We currently only operate within Canada & US. For our local customers (Richmond, Downtown, Vancouver east and west), we do also offer a delivery option.

Ready to elevate your style? Shop our current collection now.

Local Canadian Model wearing Silky Front Tie Top from Bawbee Shop